Gulf Coast Wedding Minister
(Mobile, Pensacola, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and beyond...)


1. Write your own vows and/or any other part of the ceremony you like!

2.  Include children in "Family Vows" as appropriate! It is important to include children in the formation of your "new" family. 

3. Include the sand ceremony, knot ceremony, unity candle, parent's rose ceremony or any other special addition.  I can perform them all and will be happy to make suggestions. 

For a brief, simple wedding diagram and sample ceremony, Click Here  

Contact me at 251-709-5007 anytime

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1.  How much of an honorarium should we bring?  

$140 for the ceremony ($220 with a rehearsal) is the normal honorarium. If you would like me to bring music, there is an extra $30.00 fee.  A $50 deposit is required and will be applied in full to the total.  The deposit guarantees your date and time. 

The honorarium remains the same no matter what days of the week.  I'm available 24/7.

 If you want to just stop by Steve's house (located on Loxley, convenient to I-10 and with a nice little gazebo) because the Probate Judge is not available, the honorarium is usually $75.00.  

I do ask that you have the honorarium balance and license ready for me when I arrive.  After the wedding, you will be busy with pictures, parties and hugs.  I just hate to interrupt and ask. Thanks.

Yes, I know I am unique (i.e., inexpensive) among wedding ministers along the Gulf Coast.  Please don't misunderstand, I do this because I love doing this.  I don't do it just because people are generous enough to provide the honorarium, which pretty much covers my expenses.

Over the years, no one has ever complained about my services. I am constantly being referred to brides by their friends and family or wedding planners, photographers, etc...   I've performed ceremonies in cathedrals, historic homes around Mobile and beach homes along the Gulf.  Some of the weddings cost thousands, even tens of thousands.  My little honorariums never change.  I try not to add to the financial burdens of newlyweds. 

You see, this is not how I make my living anymore.  I am retired. (Which means I work for my wife.)  I love being able to help people who are looking for a sweet, meaningful, legal ceremony without any of the typical headaches. Some ministers don't marry people they don't know or those who are embarking on second marriages. Some hard sell packages that are expensive.  Judges are often hurried in an office building.  

The most special ceremony of your relationship should be handled by someone with experience, tact, compassion and an above average understanding of romance.  (But, since my sweet wife isn't available, you'll just have to ask me.)

2.   Do you have backup just in case something happens to you?  Yes, I do. He will do what I do for the same honorarium.

3.  How long will the ceremony last?  From the moment you step up to me until I pronounce you married, usually about 15-20 minutes. I try not to hurry through so as to lose the moment or make it seem rushed, but also keep in mind the heat, distractions, age of wedding guests, etc...

4.  Does my fiance need to memorize anything?  No.  Everything you need to say is "repeat after me" unless you write your own vows.  
5.  Can we include our children in the ceremony?  Yes!  I even have vows for new parents if you like.

6.  How do you feel about alcohol at the wedding/reception?  No problem.  Have fun. Be responsible!

7.  Can my mother call you?  She is really freaking out because I found a minister on the Internet.  Of course she can.  I would be happy to do whatever I can to help her feel better about it. 

8.  How do you like to be addressed, Dr., Brother, Pastor, Rev. or by your first name?  My wife and children will tell you that I like to be called "O Great Ruler of the Household and Master of the Barbeque Grill", but, if that is as "inconvenient" to you as it seems to be to them, just Steve will be fine, PLEASE!    

9.  Do we need a permit for the beach?  Not always.  Don't rush to buy one until you talk to me.  If you do need a permit, they are $50.00. Click HERE for guidelines and information.

10.  Will you travel to my wedding?  Yes, I will travel anywhere in the United States or Caribbean.  However, travel expenses will have to be discussed if you need me outside of Mobile or Baldwin Counties in Alabama or Escambia County in Florida.  If you want me in Hawaii, please call me soon!  P.S., my wife will want to come, too.

Whatever your circumstances, I can help.  
I live in a "no judgment zone!"
Just call me! 251-709-5007
If you would like to book me to officiate your wedding, or just start the "no obligation" process... 

My sweet wife, Bev; 
son, Chris and 
daughters, Jamie and Julie.

My sweet wife's favorite living being.....well, almost!
Our precious grandchildren Brayden, Preston, Brianna and Jasmine, who have all promised to support their grandparents in our old age!

Just a final note...

It is very important that you know the minister you ask is a normal, reasonably well adjusted, obviously responsible person with a good command of English.  You need to know where they are and how to contact them!

Also, be careful of "online ordination" officiants.  This practice hasn't been challenged in court yet, but you don't want yours to be the first!

Feel free to google me, check out my home address on Google Earth! Even if you don't ask me to do it, take this advice, check out the person you ask!

If you are pleased with my services, please take a moment and post a review here and/or on Yelp.  Thanks!
Just a few pictures of some very nice people getting married.  I was honored to be there with them.

Lots of people ask us to recommend photographers and beach wedding setup specialists (sand ceremony supplies, arbors, chairs, etc..) 

We recommend....
At The Beach Weddings

(850) 346-7286

Just ask for Rob or Maureen
Tell them Steve sent you!

Click the picture above to see their wonderful work!
I am an ordained minister who has officiated hundreds of weddings over the past 25 years, many of them in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area of the Alabama Gulf Coast as well as Magnolia Manor, Bragg-Mitchell Mansion and other historic venues in Mobile and Pensacola.  I am open and affirming.

I believe your wedding or vow renewal should be about your love and my goal is to make this day beautiful and meaningful for YOU

I am comfortable with Christian or Civil Ceremonies, vow renewals or commitment ceremonies.  

Even so, over the years many Christian couples have expressed concerns that they want a Christian wedding, but not one that seems "preachy" or is filled with too much religious content and too little romance.  I understand that. My Christian ceremonies typically have two prayers and single reading of scripture, usually 1st. Corinthians 13: 4-8a. (Love is patient, love is kind...)  However, I can customize your service to your specifications.

My Civil Ceremonies are non-religious in nature and pure romance.

My ceremonies typically include the popular "Unity Candle", "Sand Ceremony" , "Knot Ceremony" and other aspects of a traditional wedding that give special meaning and romance to the wedding.  

No matter the size or type of wedding you desire, I am happy to help and usually available, even on short notice! 
Steve Horn, 
M.Div, D.Min.

A few pictures of my family just because they are the light of my life....


Thanks to my sweet wife, I now have a cool new music system!  I can play your music for the ceremony and use a microphone so your guests can hear above the wind and surf.

It is a bluetooth or docking system, but does not play CD's or Cassettes.  I use my IPhone, on which I have hundreds of wedding songs, or we can use your smart phone/pad as well.

I have many wonderful songs, but if you would like something I don't have, I'll be happy to download it.
Music is for the ceremony only.

Looking for a Videographer?

We recommend Jon Miller at Miller Media, Music/Video Production. 

Just call Jon at 251-605-7857 
or email him at

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You are welcome to bring your own Sand Ceremony supplies, including vases and/or colored sand.

If you like, I will provide a table for the ceremony at no cost.
License Requirements:

If you want your marriage to be legal, you will need to have a license with you at the ceremony.  You cannot get legally married before getting a license.  If you are already legally married and/or wish me to marry you “spiritually” rather than legally, please let me know before the ceremony.

If you wish to pay in full, just add "deposit" and whatever package we agreed on to the cart. The total will be charged. Thanks!
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