Rev. Steve Horn, M.Div., D.Min.

Wedding Minister For Christian or Non-Religious Ceremonies

Ordained and Licensed

A South Alabama/Northwest Florida Wedding Minister in (but not limited to) Gulf Shores, Foley, Fairhope, Fort Morgan or Orange Beach, Alabama and Perdido Key or Johnson Beach, Florida.  Please note: I am unable to travel to Dauphin Island.

Our Agreement

Submission of the "Wedding Form" and every wedding requires acceptance of this agreement.

In order to make your wedding day the very best, it is important for us to agree on a few things. I'm really laid back and flexible, but I'm sure you understand the need for us to be on the same page:


  1. I will arrive at your location approximately 15-20 minutes early, perform a beautiful, legal, memorable ceremony and file your marriage license afterward.
  2. I will be dressed appropriately in accordance with accepted norms. Please see the "Steve's Attire" page of this website.
  3. If for some reason I cannot be there and we cannot reschedule, I will send a replacement officiant for the same fee. Of, if you prefer, I will refund your deposit.
  4. I will be respectful of your religious or non-religious views.
  5. If anything you ask of me is within my power, I will do my very best to accommodate.
  6. I will never charge you any more than the amount we agreed upon and will NOT attempt to sell you anything!
  7. I guarantee that your ceremony is legal and valid in every state.
  8. In case of rain, I will allow a reasonable time to adjust the time for the ceremony to begin.


  1. We will begin on time.  We understand that you may have two or more weddings on the same day and cannot easily wait more than 30 minutes beyond our agreed upon start time.​ (Please note: Starting your wedding at the time you chose is very important to me, but I cannot guarantee that I can stay to perform the ceremony if the wedding starts more than 30 minutes late. Thank you for understanding!)
  2. We understand that you have no control over the weather, bugs, ocean sounds, tourists, government activities, helicopters or lost family members.
  3. We understand that a wedding service that is "traditional" in one state or country may not be traditional here.  For example, signing the marriage license during the ceremony is traditional in Canada, but not in South Alabama.  We will let Steve know if we differ significantly from his sample ceremony.
  4. We will have the marriage license and remainder of the fee ready when Steve arrives. It is important that all paperwork and business transactions be completed BEFORE the ceremony. We will be far too busy to worry about it after he pronounces our marriage and pictures begin.


  1. Weddings are not considered “booked” until and unless both the wedding form and deposit have been received and acknowledged by Bamaweddings.
  2. Deposits are fully refundable up to 60 (sixty) days prior to the wedding date. No deposit will be refunded within 60 (sixty) days of the wedding date.
  3. Any changes by either party to the information contained in the original wedding form must be made in writing. Email is preferred.

If we can agree to these common sense items, your wedding will be beautiful and everything you hoped for!